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Bringing in brain-body safety to help process the deepest of wounds.

Here at Brave Counseling and Consulting, we view mental illness a little differently.

We aim to treat and heal what is perpetuating the need to use disordered behavior instead of trying to "stop" or "redirect" the behavior itself. It will look pretty different from talk therapy. Our sessions take time and space to create safety in your nervous system through a variety of specialized grounding techniques. These techniques will allow you to stay embodied as you process the roots of what is driving the behavior. We view these roots as traumatic and overwhelming events. Some of these events may also be attachment related (like from childhood relationships with our caregivers).

Many people go in and out of recovery because the symptoms are treated, not what is causing them.

And many more people just experience their dysfunctional behaviors sublimating into new problematic patterns. It can feel like a vicious cycle. Many clients blame themselves for not being able to recover and just feel stuck.


By looking through the lens of trauma, we can address what is driving the dysfunction itself. This work takes time, patience, and sessions targeting usually just one issue at a time.


We treat a wide spectrum of presenting symptoms. Such symptoms include but are not limited to:



anger issues


relationship dysfunction

panic disorders

eating disorders

obsessive compulsive disorders


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