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Comprehensive Resource Model

We are trained in the Comprehensive Resource Model® (CRM), a trauma-processing modality that includes a sophisticated scaffolding of resourcing. This helps allow us to explore material that is the most painful while providing enough brain-body safety to make it seem manageable and tolerable.

The overall goal of this model is to increase the connection to self, to our highest selves, parts of ourselves we may not understand, and to self in the presence of others. In our first sessions together, we may be providing education on both this model and the nervous system so that you have a solid understanding of what it is we will be doing together (if we determine this modality is right for you).

For additional information in advance about about CRM, you may visit:

We may also provide resources outside of the CRM model, depending on what tools best serve you.

Art Therapy

Art mirrors our life and provides what can feel like a safer way to explore ourselves. Art therapy also offers additional integration of experiences by bringing in non-verbal elements like images, shapes, and colors. All levels of experience are welcome. Carly, our art therapist, can assist you in exploring feelings that once felt untouchable in a loving and supportive environment.


Are you a clinician hitting a road block with unresolved trauma in your clients' lives? Let BRAVE Counseling & Consulting help you gain some clarity and perspective on the case. We also assist newer therapists develop a plan for entering into private practice.

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