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Alison is the most amazing therapist she has helped my children find their voice and their inner strength.  We [can't] do it without her.  Thank you Miss Alison for everything that you do

Kristi D.

I'm finally getting my life back thanks to Alison.  I didn't think it could be done, but things are looking up!  Thank you!


Amazing therapist that is full of love and compassion.

Kristie R.

Alison's approach is refreshing and connective, and for the first time, I feel I'm really seen and understood.


I have lifelong PTSD, and Alison has been a real resource for me to cope and resolve my past trauma.  Alison shows compassion, patience, and is easy to talk to.
I would highly recommend Alison!

Mr. B, PTSD Survivor and Current Patient

I have seen a few different therapists and Alison was different from all of them.  She is down to earth, and has lots of success with CRM.  She explains everything so you understand the process of CRM.  If you are looking for something different, I would reach out to Alison.

Jessica S.

Before I came to see Alison, I had been in and out of therapy for 25 years for an eating disorder and OCD. In addition, I was always second guessing myself and feeling as though I was not capable of taking charge of my life. Nobody had made the connection that these issues were a result of unresolved trauma before her and now after 1 year I am completely weight restored, my OCD symptoms are gone and I am living a full and happy life. She truly saved my life.



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